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A Profile of JAS King Enterprises
JAS King was founded by Curt Poulin and Karl King, both great contractors coming from two multi-generation construction families. Their great-grandfathers were construction foremen and handed down skills and techniques to their grandfathers and dads. As you can imagine, growing up in a construction family, both Curt and Karl were learning about tools even before they could walk.

The beginning of JAS King started when Curt and Karl starting working together when they were in their teens. After both reaching the ranks of senior contractor, they decided to start their own construction business. With their years of building relationships throughout the construction industry, there is no project they cannot handle themselves or find the perfect partner to meet all your construction needs.

Being family men, Curt and Karl know the value of protecting your assets. That's why you can feel protected knowing that JAS King is state licensed and insured.